Narrow Gauge Pleasure
Railways in South West England
Launceston Steam Railway
This pretty little 2.5 mile line was built in the early eighties to 2' gauge and operates four ex Slate Quarry Hunslett Locomotives.
The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway
This delightful 2' gauge railway was built to carry passengers and freight across the heart of beautiful and isolated Exmoor in Devon. Sadly closed over fifty years ago efforts are now in hand to restore this railway and it has recently began running the first regular passenger trains on the line for fifty years.
The North Gloucestershire Railway
This railway is being built and run by a group of enthusiasts on a relatively new site and often has interesting visiting steam locomotives. Now extended to half a mile from it's orginal 400 yard run the railway provides a taste of narrow gauge in an area that has little else to offer.
The Seaton Tramway
The delightful Seaton Tramway owes it's origins to one mans hobby but it has grown into both a viable commercial enterprise and a charming addition to the Devon tourist scene. As a tramway this line doesn't fit into the original Narrow Gauge Pleasure concept but it's here because of it's charm and the fact that it belongs in spirit, and of course it is narrow gauge!
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